Plant-Powered Liquid Multivitamins
FIRE BREW is our premiere line of health tonics. In addition to raw ACV, all of our fiery blends contain the same potent base of powerful plant-based ingredients that target gut health, the immune system and chronic inflammation. Each blend is “boosted” with additional functional ingredients for added benefits. FIRE BREW is not a relaxing sipping vinegar. It is a concentrated, all-natural, liquid multivitamin.
We carefully select every ingredient that goes into our Apple Cider Vinegar Health Tonics which includes a rainbow of 10+ nutrient-dense vegetables, fresh fruits, herbs, and spices in every bottle. All this rich plant matter ensures you get a powerful dose of the vitamins you need to live a well-rounded, dynamic life!

Our products are created with the busy person in mind who wants a hassle-free, natural way to boost the immune system and bring a sense of balance to one’s life.

Spicy - Full Strength - Plant-Powered - All Natural

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