Founder - Valerie

Hi, I’m Valerie

I’m so glad you made it here!

My personal journey toward holistic health has been marked by a dedication to cultivating positive habits and to live with vitality for as long as possible. This pursuit led me back to the classroom, where I pursued studies in holistic nutrition and herbal medicine to understand the science and energy behind the plants we consume and their impact on long-term well-being. I was particularly captivated by the efficacy of natural tonics and remedies containing raw, whole foods for their life-affirming ingredients.

Fire Brew is more than just a company to me; it's a reflection of my deep-rooted belief in the transformative power of nourishing plant-based foods. As a woman-owned and operated business based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I’m dedicated to crafting products that not only address chronic, systemic issues but also directly contribute to our overall wellness before things become challenging. With a firm commitment to these beliefs, my team and I proudly stand as "The Brew Crew," honored to create products that support you and your loved ones on your journey toward vibrant health.