Fire Brew Products


An All Natural “Kick” of Plant-Based Health Whenever You Need it!

Fire Brew™ apple cider vinegar tonics are fiery, plant-based tonics designed to cleanse and rejuvenate the entire body in the most efficient, flavorful way possible.

Carefully curated with a rainbow of 10+ nutrient-dense vegetables, fresh fruits, herbs, and spices steeped in raw organic apple cider vinegar, our tonics ensure a powerful dose of essential vitamins for a dynamic life - —all emphasizing the power of plants over pills.

Created for the busy individual seeking a hassle-free, natural way to get energized, enhance the immune system, optimize digestion, and keep clear of inflammation, Fire Brew tonics offer versatile usage options.

  • Take it as a daily shot,
  • Include it in dressings,
  • Add it to water or beverages,
  • Use it as a condiment in food.

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Be Free and Stay Lit with Fire Brew 🔥