The Team

Valerie Roth – Owner
Mind Your Manna, and Fire Brew specifically, got its start decades ago in Valerie’s parents kitchen in New Jersey where she loved coming up with unique and interesting food ideas. Fire Brew is the culmination of those years of fiddling, testing and experimenting.

Valerie went to University of Michigan for undergrad and has a MA in Communications from USC.  However, things really came into focus when she went back to school for Holistic Nutrition and found her opportunity to blend her love of healthy eating with wholesome food products aimed to heal and restore.

She hopes you love Fire Brew and appreciates your commitment to exploring the healing power of whole foods.

Contact Valerie here

Mapsy Powers – Director of Operations
Mapsy Powers is responsible for business operations of Fire Brew. She handles all invoicing, accounts, vendor relations, finances, HR and payroll, budgeting, cost reductions, and oversees production of the product. She has a varied background in the outdoor adventure industry and university administration. In these settings, she has 10+ years’ experience in business administration, operations, and management.

She has an B.A. in Communication and Media Studies and an M.A. in Educational Leadership and Administration. Mapsy is an advocate for healthy lifestyles and an outdoor enthusiast, fueling her passion for Fire Brew’s health tonics. You can reach Mapsy here
Joel Hunt – Production Manager
Joel Hunt is responsible for the management of the kitchen, production of the product, distribution and inventory management. Joel has 6 years’ experience in management and experience in restaurants and wine-making. Joel is originally from Portland and recently moved back because of his passion for the outdoors and love for the area.

Diana Duthie – Production
Native Oregonian Diana has always been passionate about delicious food, nutrition and health. After a B.S. in psychology, Diana focused on food management and then co-founded Portland Paleo LLC. A specialist in essential oils, in her spare time, she loves hiking in the gorge and playing with her orange tabby, Arturo. Falling in love with Fire Brew, she’s dedicated herself to stoking the fires and pursuing a career in natural wellness. She make sure the wheels run in the production department. Contact Diana here

Vicky Madruga – Herbalist
Fire Brew’s resident Herbalist and witch, Vicky has been working with plants and natural medicine since 2009 and has a passion for wellness. When not at the kitchen blending up herbs and stirring the cauldrons of brews you can find her working in Portland at The Herb Shoppe or frolicking in the woods with the plants. Vicky’s deep passion for health and teaching people how to care for themselves holistically is what brought her and Val together years ago. Vicky loves to laugh and you can often hear her cackling from around the corner. Come visit her throughout the year at our events around town.

Nicki Ulrich – Fulfillment
Nicki handles all of Fire Brew’s on-line orders and fulfillment. When she’s not with Fire Brew, she’s working her other jobs or volunteering at one of three schools that her respective children attend. Contact Nicki here

Boris Lutskovsky – Technical
A master fisherman and mushroom forager, Boris can get out in the wild and bring home dinner for an army. But, aside from his love of communing outdoors, Boris is our awesome programmer who makes all the Fire Brew technical underpinnings work while we’re busy shredding vegetables. Boris doesn’t like to be contacted