What is a health tonic?

I often get a lot of questions about what fire cider is and my response is that it’s a kind of health tonic.  But what exactly is a health tonic and why is it good for us?

As with many things in the health world, taking a step back and observing how our ancestors did things can be invaluable. Simple, minimally processed, raw ingredients — ones that are selected for their natural health benefits, not the many altered, unnatural ingredients in today’s marketplace — have been used since the beginning of time to keep the mind and body strong.  It is only with the advent of modern medicine and our migration to an on-demand society that “ancient” natural remedies fell by the wayside to make room for quick fixes to take our pain away.

Health tonics are antithetical to highly processed panaceas prescribed and sold over the counter.  They are designed to be natural antidotes that promote vitality and wellness (especially as we age) and are meant to heal, restore and strengthen our internal systems day in and day out.  The changes in our health are subtle when we take them…we simply feel better and, sometimes, we’re not sure exactly why.

Think of a health tonic as the equivalent to your daily visit to the gym.   Both require long-term vision and commitment to stay the course but the payoffs are tremendous.  After all, what could be more important than being vigilant about your health (from a mind, body, spirit standpoint) in order to live your life to its highest potential?

Enjoy your August!