Water Alarms by Tami from Wildfire Fitness

You’ve heard it before. You know you need to do it.

Drink more water!

But, you’re super busy and your days get long and you simply forget. Next thing you know, it’s bed time, and the last thing you need to do is chug a gallon of water so that you stay up all night going to the bathroom.

So how do you keep yourself hydrated like a boss? Set alarms! Use your phone, computer or tablet to remind you to drink up. Just be sure it’s the device you have nearest to you the most (so you see and/or hear the alarms), then set them to remind you to drink a couple of cups every two hours or so. Start early by drinking a cup or two of lemon or apple cider vinegar-infused water as soon as you get up as a simple way to set your intention on making healthier choices for the day. If you start hydrating at 7 AM for instance, you’ll have twelve cups of water down by the end of the day at five.

I’ll talk more about starting your day strong next time. Until then, visit me on Instagram and check out my post showing how I like to hydrate with Fire Brew in the morning. Then, leave a comment and share how you’re keeping on track and reminding yourself to drink your water throughout the day.

In good heath,  Tami

Tami is the owner of Wildfire Fitness in Portland, OR. When she’s not helping people live fit, she enjoys sci-fi, growing orchids and doing burpees.  She’ll be writing a fitness column here on our site every couple of weeks so check back and see what Tami has to say!