Thank you guys. When I feel my asthma symptoms coming along I’ll usually take a big gulp of your citrus. It knocks my socks off and before I can regain my composure I notice my lungs are instantly becoming less inflamed. Thanks!!!! Beats an inhaler

– Caleb Fischer

Hi Valerie. We bought some Fire Brew last Sunday and we’re out already.  Went to Woodstock Farmer’s Market again to replenish our supply.  Would like to buy 3 32floz bottles.  When will you be back at Woodstock?

 – Patron at Woodstock Farmers Market

My daughter has been losing her teeth for some time, due to drug use and genetically weak teeth. Now that she is in recovery and valuing her health, she needs dental repair, extractions, etc. While she waits for dental appointments, she manages her tooth pain which has included taking pain relievers on a daily basis, just to be able to take in any food, even soft foods. As we wait for the right care and correction, she develops abscesses and infections regularly. She read an article about cider vinegar helping to control root problems, including infections, if taken consistently. She discovered my Fire Brew in the fridge, read the ingredients and started drinking 1-2 ounces daily. On the 3rd day, her mouth pain was subsiding and she knew the infection she’d been dealing with was gone. While I’ve heard from friends that Fire Brew is an acquired taste, my daughter loved the flavor and the spiciness. She loved it even more when her mouth was pain-free! Now she is off pain relievers, hasn’t had to deal with those bi-monthly infections, and doesn’t miss a day of her Fire Brew!
– Patron at Beaverton Market

My husband and I purchased the sampler set and have been splitting 1-2oz bottle each day and LOVING Fire Brew! We both agree that it is time to invest in the larger bottles, so you will be seeing us again at the Beaverton Farmers Market.
– Patron at Beaverton Market

Thanks for convincing me to get the sampler set.  Now I am hooked!
– Patron at Beaverton Market

Sampled some FireBrew while I was visiting Beaverton and I’d really love to get some, but I’m in Rhode Island.  I notice that it can be ordered online and shipped within Oregon.  Can it be shipped to the east coast?
Fingers crossed!
– Visitor at Beaverton Market

Just got my first bottle from the Beaverton Farmer’s Market. There are a lot of different drinking vinegars, juices, and tonics out there but the quality and mixture of ingredients in Fire Brew is a level above the others I have tried. As a health and fitness professional I will be drinking it every day and I will suggest my clients do the same. Thanks Fire Brew!!!!
– Patron at Beaverton Market

Well we have sold out already!:)
Let’s get some more in here.
– Fire Brew customer

Holy moly!
Thank you for making this!
I’m currently dealing with some pretty scary health issues and haven’t been in the best shape when it comes to my digestive tract.
This has changed everything.
It’s alleviated some of the pain and discomfort I’ve been experiencing, not to mention it tastes amazing!!!
Keep up the good work!
– Online Customer

Hi Valerie!
I own a couple of boutiques in the Columbia County area and we have been very interested in offering fire cider and have been actively looking for a local source, as that is what we primarily base our business on (local, PNW made). We recently stumbled on your products at and fell in love. I wondered if there was a way that we could sell them at our two locations, and wanted to reach out. We love offering locally made, small batch products to our customers and feel your products would do great.
– Customer in Columbia County

FYI – bought a 12oz bottle from the Beaverton Farmer’s market a month back.  During that time of taking it, my entire family became sick…except me!  Correlation does not necessarily equal causation, but I also believe in not messing with a good thing!
– Patron at Beaverton Market

I bought your beet tonic at the OMSI fair and my family is in love! Can I buy this at any grocery store yet? I need more!
– OMSI Harvest Festival Customer

A friend/employee of mine just returned from a trip north and generously/thoughtfully brought me back your Clove flavor. OMG!!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It’s ridiculously perfectly delicious in all the ways that I like; and I have been fighting a cold of some sort the past few days (unusual for me but I’ve been super stressed lately) — I swear your Clove Firebrew, combined with my homeopathic remedy+hard workout at the gym+sauna knocked it out/stopped the cold before it really got started. I feel fantastic! I only wish I could guzzle it down instead of taking little sips LOL — but a little worried to go overboard 🙂 Thank you for making such an incredibly delicious healing elixir.
– Fire Brew Customer

Good morning! This email is long overdue!
Last Spring my husband and I found you at the Beaverton farmers market, I was looking for a natural remedy for my severe (kept me home from work) stomach aches and general feelings of crumminess. I was a bit skeptical it would work at first, but I’ve read the benefits of Apple cider vinegar and decided to give it a try.
I immediately felt better with just 1 tbsp a day diluted in about a quart of water. I starting taking this mixture to work with me in the morning and soon I found not only did my stomach aches disappear, but I had more energy! I felt like a super hero in the morning instead of weighed down and sluggish. I even found I needed less coffee in the morning to get me moving, which was huge. I was telling all my friends, neighbors, and coworkers about your products, and getting them on the ACV train.
Over the late summer I was having a hard time justifying the $20/bottle which was lasting 2.5-3 weeks, when I could buy organic unfiltered ACV at the grocery store for $5/bottle, so I switched to the value product and I just don’t feel good at all, so much so that I stopped my new regime of my morning “moonshine” (as my coworkers called my big mason jar of water and Fire Brew) all together.
Now I find myself on this Sunday morning ready to go back to feeling fantastic, but without any Fire Brew and missed the farmers market by a day. I’ll be traveling for work, and would love to be back on track before then.
Thank you so much for making this product. I can’t praise it enough and am full of regret for trying to find a substitute.

– Market Patron

I’ve tried a few of the flavors so far and am blown away. So far my favorites are the beet and clove. That being said, all the flavors I’ve tried taste great and give such an invigorating kick.
My sinuses were a little stuffed up for a few days but after a couple of shots throughout the past 24 hours they are free and clear.
I highly recommend!
– Fire Brew customer

I purchased some Fire Brew – Garden at a craft show in December. I am hoping to buy more and having a hard time finding 12.7 oz bottles. Could you tell me where I might find it? I found the smaller bottles at the Alberta Co-op and Citrus in bulk but I am hoping for the Garden flavor.
I live in northeast and work in southeast so I am willing to travel to find it.
Thank you for your help – I am really liking it!
– Fire Brew customer

Over the past five to six years I have dealt with a chronic sinus condition which included a significant headache at least twice a month along with sinus congestion. In my attempt to find relief a doctor recommended I use Flonaise daily as well as using a Netti Pot. The prescribed regimen provided some results but never seemed to bring relief to the sinus congestion. A friend suggested I give Fire Brew a try without prior knowledge of my sinus condition. I began using Fire Brew each morning. Around the fourth day of using Fire Brew my sinuses opened and began draining on their own. Without going into graphic detail the discharge was significant and the sinus pressure began to dissipate. I am still using Fire Brew each morning and am looking forward to other health benefits connected to this all natural product.
– Fire Brew customer

I have never liked the taste of anything with vinegar. Period. When my wife first told me about fire brew tonics and suggested I try them, I said, “No way!” However, at a recent health fair, I was persuaded to try Clove Fire Brew and was shocked at how good it tasted, and when the person staffing the booth shared all of the great health benefits of fire brew, I was convinced to buy a bottle. Since then, I have had a shot every morning to kick start my day. I have noticed an improvement in my digestion, I feel like I have more energy and I actually like it. Thanks, Fire Brew! (PS – Don’t tell my wife she was right!)
– Fire Brew customer

I recently visited Portland and tried one of your vitality shot from a delicious salad bar. I have been looking for your product here in Los Angeles , CA since then. Is there any way I can find it here? It saved my life when I felt sick and I took the shot. It’s very helpful also yummy too!
Please let me know if you know of any place for me to find it here.
– Fire Brew customer

1st purchase was a large bottle of Beet, I mentioned to your sales girl that my overall health is beginning to show signs of improvement! Purchased 4 small additional bottles, 5 all together.
Me and my hubby are hooked! Great product line! Thank you!

– Fire Brew Customer

Found your brew at a store in Newport and have been ordering it on line since … We get the citrus immune booster and have to say that it has made much difference.  Waiting for the next order to arrive 😉 keep up the amazing work. You have believers in my wife and me 😉 thank you

– Fire Brew Customer

I started the beet in January and I just love it. I take it 2 times daily and I truly believe it has improved my circulation! I do a shot in the morning and a cooling drink in the afternoon with a little stevia and ice!

Love love your product!!

P.S. I have the sample size of chai, garden and citrus. I’m now drinking the hibiscus.

– Fire Brew Customer