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Fire Brew, is a woman-owned and operated company based out of Portland, Oregon. We believe that nourishing plant-based foods can reduce and heal chronic, systemic issues and directly impact our overall wellness. We create products that align with those beliefs and support our customers, who are looking for natural ways to maintain a vibrant lifestyle.

We are "The Brew Crew" and we are proud and honored to make products to support you and your family. 


With a desire to live a more purposeful life, Valerie Roth decided to go back to school in 2014 and pursue her passion: Holistic Nutrition. Surrounded by unfamiliar foods, exciting ideas, and inventive ways to heal the mind and body with natural ingredients, Valerieโ€™s ideas for an accessible line of all-natural wellness tonics began to brew. She collaborated with experienced herbalists to craft time-honored, natural remedies brightened with fresh, healing, whole-food ingredients. After endless hours tinkering in the kitchen, she struck the perfect balance of functional and flavorful "brews" that would make up her line of potent ACV health tonics.

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