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At Mind Your Manna (MYM), we create all-natural wellness boosters and remedies that support the mind, body, and spirit. All of our products are a unique combination of raw apple cider vinegar with the mother, saturated in nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices.

Each ingredient supports proper digestion, strengthens immunity, curbs inflammation, and improves mental wellbeing. Collectively, all of our tonics provide the essential tools needed to feel your best and fuel your lifestyle.

Think of them as plant-powered, liquid multivitamins.  

FIRE BREW is our premiere line of health tonics. In addition to raw, organic, ACV, all of our fiery blends contain the same potent base of powerful plant-based ingredients that target gut health, the immune system and chronic inflammation. Each blend is โ€œboostedโ€ with additional functional ingredients for added benefits. FIRE BREW is not a relaxing sipping vinegar. It is a concentrated, all-natural, liquid multivitamin.

Organic - Spicy - Full Strength - Plant-Powered - All Natural

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The yin to Fire Brew's yang, MOON BREW offers a healthy dose of essential nutrients to support your system and encourage peace of mind. We combine raw apple cider vinegar with a potent fusion of nourishing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices -- without the heat -- to help you find clarity, ease tension, and uplift the spirit.

Organic - Alkaline oriented - Low Fodmap-Friendly - Full Strength - Plant-Powered - All Natural  

Just like us, cats and dogs need a wide range of essential vitamins and nutrients in their diets. To give your furry friend an added boost, PET BREW is a nourishing, all natural choice! PET BREW is a pet-tested, all-over wellness booster that combines raw apple cider vinegar with vitamin-rich fruits, veggies, and herbs. Every ingredient is intentionally selected with your petโ€™s wellbeing in mind.

Organic - Vegan - Full Strength - Plant-Powered - All Natural