Trusting Your Gut with Apple Cider Vinegar

Hibiscus Fire Brew

As we gear up for an active and expansive Spring season here at the Fire Brew HQ in Portland, Oregon, it’s a good time to talk up one of the most foundational ingredients in our potent health tonic: raw, organic apple cider vinegar.

Adding a daily dose to your health and well-being regimen improves the stomach’s acidity allowing for better digestion (reducing instances of bloating and food-induced heartburn). Carbohydrates can be more effectively transformed into energy, even potentially interrupting the full absorption of unnecessary calories from breads and starches. For those with a sweet tooth, it also slows the rush of glucose in the blood stream, providing sugar-crashes with a much softer landing. Studies have also linked apple cider vinegar with lower blood pressure, balanced pH levels, and even solutions to bad breath.

Fittingly, apple cider vinegar has proven to foster more efficient nutrient absorption from the things we consume, making it the perfect base for all of our Fire Brews. The nutrient-dense selection of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices which we chop, juice, and shred in every bottle, hit their best stride because of the strong foundation we’ve laid with apple cider vinegar.

Check back soon for more reasons to keep a little Fire in your belly!

Fire Brew Out and About.

Hi! 🙂 It’s been a bit and we hope everyone had a nice holiday and is feeling energized by the new year! Hopefully, the new year brings a new sense of optimism (fingers crossed!) and new opportunities for all.

We are really excited about Fire Brew! More and more people are getting hooked on the brew’s fiery taste but also the health benefits that come with it. It is so gratifying to see return customers who tell us it’s helped them with their sore joints, digestive issues, sinus infections, etc. We also love the community aspect of the brew….hearing that people drinks shots with their friends, co workers who drink it together to perk up during the mid afternoon slump, families who boost their favorite morning smoothies with it…!

We’ve added some new stores where you can find Fire Brew. If you know of a store where you’d like to see it, shoot us a note and we’ll get on it. Thanks again for being the most awesome, loyal customers.

Peoples Co Op
Bowery Bagels
Carter & Rose

Happy Holidays from Mind Your Manna

With the holidays season underway I’ve been a bit reflective.  One thing I am sure about, though my life has gone through many challenging changes this year, is that this has by far been one of the best years of my life making Fire Brew. I feel blessed to have found something that I am passionate about and feel so good about sharing! And my crew! They just rock. The same goes for all our customers, from every person I’ve spoken to at the Farmers Markets to shop owners who have taken a chance on our fiery health tonics.  THANK YOU!

Here are some pictures of our awesome crew in the kitchen:

AnneMarie and kale

Diana Bottling up some Beet brew

Lisa chopping pineapples for the Garden Brew

Dre keeping the engines running!

Doing shots of Fire Brew!

And here are a couple of restaurants/stores we’re in now and totally psyched about!!

The Whole Bowl in NoPo
Both Chuck’s stores in Vancouver
Made Here PDX

Happy Holidays!  Be safe!  Many thanks.  The Mind Your Manna crew

Musings from Fire Brew

It’s been a long week. Whether you’re political or not, there’s no denying that what went on with the election this week, and the past two years gearing up for it, was unprecedented. Personally, I am now taking a breath and have my fingers crossed for the best. But, man, I’m exhausted from it.

Luckily, we have Fire Brew that needs attention and keeps us inspired. We love more than anything making a product that heals and brings people comfort. Our aim is to continue doing this work so that we can be part of a bigger picture of health and wellness. Please let us know your experience with our product so we can continue to serve your needs in the best way possible.

In the mean time, here’s some new ways you can find us:

Portland Night Market – Nov 18, 19, 20.

Portland Night Market
Portland Night Market

World Foods

Capers Cafe and Bar

CC Oregon Made

Bowery Bagels

Bowery Bagels
Bowery Bagels

Spreading Fire (in a good way)

This weekend was busy. It was my first ever “trade show,” VegFest, and I had no idea what to expect. So many questions like…how much product do I bring? do I need help? where do I load my stuff into? Then there’s the existential questions like, will people even like the products? are they too spicy? do they taste good? But somehow, despite all the questions, it all comes together in end (though I could have lived without the flat tire on my way into the convention center).


We are in some new stores! Have you ever been to Tender Loving Empire? A great store! If you love handcrafted, small batch gift types of things, from cool jewelry (fact: that was the word I lost to in the camp spelling bee 5th grade summer) to baby gifts to hand-made health products — this is your place!

Another stop to find Fire Brew if you’re in the Gorge…head to Farm Stand in the Gorge. A great spot to get all your seasonal produce and picnic needs when you go on those awesome hikes in that area! Here’s the owner, Rob, sampling Fire Brew to a friend of mine, Amy, who just happen to pop into the store one random day. Small world!

Other upcoming shows:

Portland Flea
Sunday, October 30th
11am-4 pm

Hanukkah Gift Fair
Sunday, November 20th
10 a.m.-2 pm

Handmade NW
Tuesday, November 29
10:00 A.M-5:30 PM

Laurelhurst Winter Bazaar
Sunday. December 4th

The Madeleine Marketplace
Thursday, December 8th
2 pm-8 pm

ADX Gifted
Saturday December 10th
10 am-7 pm

Fire Brew Out and About

Yes, it’s almost October. Admittedly, Fall is my favorite season. I love the changing colors on the trees, the coziness of the weather, dinner parties and hunkering down in front of a fire.


Speaking of fire (I swear, that was not an intentional lead in), we’re going to be around a bunch this upcoming season in both stores, markets and fairs.

For those wondering where you can find us amongst your travels, you can see where we’re located here.

If you’re interested in checking us out live and in person, you can find us at the following upcoming events.

8:00 A.M-1:30 PM

Revive Community Commons
Family Fun and Health Fair
September 24th
10 a.m.-4 pm

OMSI Harvest Festival
October 2nd

Scratch Made Market
October 15th

Portland Veg Fest
October 22nd

October 30th

Hope to see you all soon!

Isn’t She Lovely….?

Well, we have a new arrival in our Fire Brew family and her name is Clove. Pretty – huh?

Bella Clove
Bella Clove

We’re very excited about this new blend. Not just for its earthly flavor, full of base notes, that unfolds like a symphony in your mouth but for all the health benefits the herbs impart. Let’s talk about what some of those things are:

Cloves: This warm, aromatic spice helps reduce inflammation due to its main component, Eugenol. It’s also high in some crucial vitamins and minerals such as manganese, Vitamin K, iron, magnesium and calcium.

Burdock: Rich in vitamins and minerals (iron, magnesium, thiamine, etc), burdock is excellent for skin related imbalances (i.e. eczema, psoriasis, acne). It’s a very cooling herb and promotes healthy kidney function, and is excellent blood purifier. The herb is also helpful for gout and rheumatism.

Dandelion: Dandelion is another powerhouse herb. It is a stimulant to the liver (encouraging the flow of bile) and is considered a very safe diuretic. It is also packed with vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamins A and C.

Sarsaparilla: Proven to have beneficial properties that improve skin conditions, joint pain, fatigue and hormone balances in both men and women. The herb also has numerous anti inflammatory and anti bacterial qualities.

Anise: Works as a digestive aid and expels gas. Wonderful for colic.

Fennel: Great for nursing mothers to increase milk flow, works as an antacid (neutralizing the stomach and intestines), stimulates digestion and relieves gas.

One Big Happy Family
One Big Happy Family

Wow – can it be August already??

Say it isn’t so? I’ve been meaning to hop on here to write an update about our health tonics but we’re so busy with our heads in the Brew it’s been hard to come up for air! We hope you guys have been getting out there and enjoying summer and doing all the things the season brings – from jumping in lakes, to flying kites, to sitting by a campfire or two!

Besides making Fire Brew, we’ve spent most of our time at food “crop ups” and Farmers Markets so we can’t really complain. We’ve also been lucky enough for a number of new establishments to take a chance on us and our curiously strong (wait a minute, I think that’s been used before but it’s true!) health tonics.

We have a couple of new blends coming out soon so watch for them. Post some pictures you have with the Brew and let us know; we’ll pop you a free 2 oz bottle in the mail! In the meantime here are a few updates pictures! Thank you to everyone!!




2016-06-07 13.46.16

Summer time, summer time…

The months seem to fly and next thing you know, another school year is over! One of the best things about summers though are….? Farmers Markets!

We are very excited to be working at a number of markets, with more to be added, and we do hope you’ll stop by! We will have all of our healthy blends for sale…and will offer you shots with a smile. 🙂

You may see any or all the us at the markets. For now we’re at Beaverton most Saturdays, OHSU some Tuesdays and hopefully Woodstock shortly!

Andrew at the market
Andrew at the market
Me (and my game face before the market bell)
Me (and my game face before the market bell)
Johna working at OHSU Mother's Day fair
Johna working at OHSU Mother’s Day fair