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Fire Brew "Flight of Five" 2 oz Starter Kit
Fire Brew "Flight of Five" 2 oz Starter Kit
Fire Brew "Flight of Five" 2 oz Starter Kit

Fire Brew "Flight of Five" 2 oz Starter Kit

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This is the perfect set to try all our fiery brews! They are great to take on-the-go and give you a serious kick when you need one!

Each box contains 5 / 2 oz bottles of our signature brews (Citrus, Garden, Elderberry, Beet, Original).

This sampler box is perfect for the adventure seeker, entertainer, curious-minded, health foodie, sober curious, exerciser, office mate, and the person on-the-move / traveler in your life.

Beet / Energy

This iron-rich brew combines raw apple cider vinegar with our plant-powered base. We amplify it by adding organic, juicy red beets, cinnamon, rose hips and hawthorn berries. Learn more about this brew.

Citrus / Immune

Our most popular brew! Increase your system's resiliency year-round and boost your body's defenses with our Immune brew. We've added potent astragalus root and extra citrus into our vitamin rich base of 10+ nutrient-rich veggies, fruits, herbs, and adaptogens. Learn more about this brew.

Elderberry / Restore

This nourishing tonic of elderberry fruits and astragalus root is combined with raw apple cider vinegar and our plant-powered base. These strengthening ingredients help protect and defend against common ailments. Learn more about this brew.

Garden / Detox

Behind on your veggies? Us too! Combined with raw apple cider vinegar and our plant-based powered base, this brew enables you to get your greens on the go! We've included lots of fresh, iron-rich leafy greens to nourish your insides and clear away toxins. Learn more about this brew.

Unsweetened / Original

For the unapologetic purists. Our Unsweetened brew is fortified with the essentials to keep your systems fired up and moving smoothly.  There is no honey in this Brew. It is very strong and packed with strictly whole fruits, veggies, and adaptogens.