Back from Jerusalem!

Flatbread with dips!
Flatbread with dips!

I just got back from a fantastic week in Israel and forgot how much I missed the Middle Eastern flavors that imbues the cooking there.  Everything from dried dates to deep rust colored saffron to halvah the size of cakes is a feast for all one’s senses.  Don’t even get me started on the hummus, which I ate at every meal.  Theirs is different than what we get in the States or tastes better for some reason.  Maybe it’s the backdrop of people rushing through the “Shuk,” the marketplace, as I dunk my warm pita in the creamy melange of mashed chickpeas, olive oil and garlic. Or the sounds of prayer emanating across the sky, mixed with the cacophony of different ancient languages. Either way, pair that magic hummus and pita with an Israeli salad of the freshest tomato, cucumber, red pepper and cubes of dense milky feta and life could not get any better.