Fire Brew Crew Spotlight

fire brew 12oz bottles

An Ode to Fire Brew

This past weekend was a wonderfully busy one, as we had the opportunity to see many of you out and about at 5 different events in Oregon! While the whole Fire Brew crew deserves tons of cheer, a special shout out goes to Nicki our Fulfillment hero! After rocking and rolling all weekend, ensuring shots and smiles for all, she thought up a little poem while on a peaceful stroll before our Monday morning meeting…



Fire Brew.
Fire Brew.
The cold and the flu, they run from you.
A sip a day,
Keeps the aches away.
Fire Brew!


What’s In The Box?

Organics to you

Every two weeks I get a box on my front porch from Organics to You.  It’s like a big care package of goodness delivered straight from the farms in the surrounding area to my family.  I’m always a little curious what I might get and how I’m going to work with it.  Sometimes, I see it on my porch and just leave it there for awhile longer until I really have the time to really dig into it and absorb it’s contents.

This week, here’s what it looks like:


4 large Fuji apples, 4 D’anjou pears, 4 naval oranges, 1 large chard, 4 nice size lemons, a 6 oz bag of shiitakes, a 6 oz bag of brown button mushrooms, 3 large parsnips (yikes), head of garlic, 1 large yellow onion, 1 large avocado, 1 nice size head of broccoli.  I think that’s it!

Now the question is WHAT to do with all this delicious food?  Exciting!  The opportunities are boundless.  Sometimes, I really try to make a bigger meal using what I get and other times I just use it as I go along.  Like today when I made eggs with some sauteed leeks, shiitakes and parmesan cheese.  WOW!

Shiitakes and Leeks

Be fearless when you cook!  Enjoy the sight, the touch, the aromas and, of course, the tastes that come with preparing a fresh, healthy meal made with love.  We have so many opportunities to do this every day and the rewards are so great.

Bon appetit!

Farmer Lyle Gets My Vote!

Lyle from Gee Creek

When it comes to farmers, Lyle from Gee Creek gets my vote.  He works at a lot of the markets around town (Hillsdale on Sundays, PSU on Saturdays, People’s Coop in SE on Wednesdays) and always has some of the freshest foods (both raw and prepared product).  You can’t miss the stand.  It’s got some great seasonal produce, fresh beans and grains, and delicious foods like mediterranean dips (others besides a yummy hummus!), soups, peanut butter. He also sells a mean fire cider which will keep your immunity humming all winter season.

More than the food, I really just like Lyle (and all the people that work for him). He is the real deal and has a lot of great ideas.  On his website, it states their mission: “Gee Creek Farm is a community of home-based people dedicated to being good stewards of the earth and providers of responsibly and ethically produced and grown food. We aim to live in a cooperative, sustainable way, and offer many programs and learning opportunities for those interested in doing the same!”

If you ever get a minute, Lyle will tell you all about what his plans are and will educate you on how you can get involved with Gee Creek — from joining his CSA, to teaching people how to grow food at his farm school, or just enjoying a social event at his property.  In the meantime, drop by to his booth some time and check out for yourself what he has.  I guarantee he’ll become on your favorite farmers too!

Surprise! What’s in the Box?

Organics to You

Every two weeks I get a present.  It’s a beautiful ‘Organics to You’ box dropped on my doorstep…and for $32 bucks I think it’s a total deal.  What I love about it is that I never know what’s going to be in it and it gives me the chance to experiment with certain produce I’d probably never pick up at the grocery.  Sea beans?  No way!   Long Beans?  Probably not.  Not that I’m against using these ingredients…they’re just not something I’m naturally drawn to.

So this week in my box, I got a lot of seasonal goodies!  Specifically I got potatoes, onion, broccoli, shiitake mushrooms, asian pears, a dark leafy green I’ve never seen (and am still trying to identify), 3 humongous leeks, a bunch of ruby red apples, and about 5 persimmons.  I have never really eaten persimmons (nor cooked with them) but that’s what I love about getting the box!  It pushes me of my comfort zone and makes me experiment with different ingredients.

Because it gets boring eating the same things all the time – right?

I’ll keep you posted on what I come up with.  Of course, if you have any ideas I’m all ears.