Anatomy of a Start Up: The Kitchen Chronicles Part 2

Well look at us!  We not only moved into our new kitchen but we organized it too.  I’m so impressed with our crew!  Check out some pictures below.

Drums and Pallet shelves
Our “Area”
Our Walkway
Chris. King of the Move.

We are sharing the space with some amazing other companies – the Bitter Housewife folks, who make phenomenal exotic bitters.; Eliot’s Nut Butters, which are grown up peanut butters with all sorts of amazing flavorings (Spicy Thai, etc); Clutch Coffee Roasters, whose scent fills me with delight the whole time I’m there!

We’re excited to get some good work done here.

Anatomy of a Start Up: The Kitchen Chronicles

Well, we did it!  We made the leap from our comfortable nest at Kitchen Cru over to a new kitchen on 181st Street!   We are really, really excited about this move.  We have more space to spread out, an area for shipping and receiving, shelves that hold all our supplies and our own pallet shelf!!  YES!

The crew was amazing!! The planning went so well that it took us less than 2 hours to move about 5,000 lbs of Brew and a bunch of other equipment. Props to the Ex Novo guys for jumping in and making it all happen.

Being part of Fire Brew and its growth has been quite a ride.   Moving into this kitchen is just another sign post for us to keep doing what we’re doing, continue to work hard and have faith that if you build it, they will come.

Thanks for all your support.

Valerie and the Brew Crew

Fire Brew Crew Spotlight

fire brew 12oz bottles

An Ode to Fire Brew

This past weekend was a wonderfully busy one, as we had the opportunity to see many of you out and about at 5 different events in Oregon! While the whole Fire Brew crew deserves tons of cheer, a special shout out goes to Nicki our Fulfillment hero! After rocking and rolling all weekend, ensuring shots and smiles for all, she thought up a little poem while on a peaceful stroll before our Monday morning meeting…



Fire Brew.
Fire Brew.
The cold and the flu, they run from you.
A sip a day,
Keeps the aches away.
Fire Brew!


Fire Brew Out and About All Weekend!

Join Us, Won’t You?

Along with the sprouts, bulbs, and buds of Spring, our event schedule at Fire Brew is blooming this weekend!

As you may have read in a post from earlier this month, we will be at Ag Fest this Saturday and Sunday, April 29th and 30th. It is going to be a wildly fun time, focused on helping families understand where their food comes from and how Oregon benefits from such a rich agricultural bounty! For more info and tickets check out their website!


Farmers market
Who doesn’t love a Farmers Market?!

Also on Saturday, April 29th, you can catch us at both the Hollywood Farmers Market and Bumble Spring Emporium and Plant Sale. The Market is always a blast, absolutely spoiling us all with the freshest produce direct from the farmers! Bumble Spring Emporium, presented by Go Forth Culture, brings out the latest and greatest talent on the garden, wellness, creative, and food scenes of Portland – come experience something new!


On Sunday, April 30th, join us at the PDX Flea + Food! Hosted on the corner of SE 6th and Salmon, this happening flea market always dazzles on the last Sunday of the month. Come celebrate Spring, shop for rare and creative goods, and obviously have a Fire Brew shot with us!

flea market
PDX Flea

We’ll be busy this weekend serving up the Brew for any and all, and we hope to see your smiling face!

Love always,

The Fire Brew Crew

Happy Holidays from Mind Your Manna

With the holidays season underway I’ve been a bit reflective.  One thing I am sure about, though my life has gone through many challenging changes this year, is that this has by far been one of the best years of my life making Fire Brew. I feel blessed to have found something that I am passionate about and feel so good about sharing! And my crew! They just rock. The same goes for all our customers, from every person I’ve spoken to at the Farmers Markets to shop owners who have taken a chance on our fiery health tonics.  THANK YOU!

Here are some pictures of our awesome crew in the kitchen:

AnneMarie and kale

Diana Bottling up some Beet brew

Lisa chopping pineapples for the Garden Brew

Dre keeping the engines running!

Doing shots of Fire Brew!

And here are a couple of restaurants/stores we’re in now and totally psyched about!!

The Whole Bowl in NoPo
Both Chuck’s stores in Vancouver
Made Here PDX

Happy Holidays!  Be safe!  Many thanks.  The Mind Your Manna crew

Spreading Fire (in a good way)

This weekend was busy. It was my first ever “trade show,” VegFest, and I had no idea what to expect. So many questions like…how much product do I bring? do I need help? where do I load my stuff into? Then there’s the existential questions like, will people even like the products? are they too spicy? do they taste good? But somehow, despite all the questions, it all comes together in end (though I could have lived without the flat tire on my way into the convention center).


We are in some new stores! Have you ever been to Tender Loving Empire? A great store! If you love handcrafted, small batch gift types of things, from cool jewelry (fact: that was the word I lost to in the camp spelling bee 5th grade summer) to baby gifts to hand-made health products — this is your place!

Another stop to find Fire Brew if you’re in the Gorge…head to Farm Stand in the Gorge. A great spot to get all your seasonal produce and picnic needs when you go on those awesome hikes in that area! Here’s the owner, Rob, sampling Fire Brew to a friend of mine, Amy, who just happen to pop into the store one random day. Small world!

Other upcoming shows:

Portland Flea
Sunday, October 30th
11am-4 pm

Hanukkah Gift Fair
Sunday, November 20th
10 a.m.-2 pm

Handmade NW
Tuesday, November 29
10:00 A.M-5:30 PM

Laurelhurst Winter Bazaar
Sunday. December 4th

The Madeleine Marketplace
Thursday, December 8th
2 pm-8 pm

ADX Gifted
Saturday December 10th
10 am-7 pm

Wow – can it be August already??

Say it isn’t so? I’ve been meaning to hop on here to write an update about our health tonics but we’re so busy with our heads in the Brew it’s been hard to come up for air! We hope you guys have been getting out there and enjoying summer and doing all the things the season brings – from jumping in lakes, to flying kites, to sitting by a campfire or two!

Besides making Fire Brew, we’ve spent most of our time at food “crop ups” and Farmers Markets so we can’t really complain. We’ve also been lucky enough for a number of new establishments to take a chance on us and our curiously strong (wait a minute, I think that’s been used before but it’s true!) health tonics.

We have a couple of new blends coming out soon so watch for them. Post some pictures you have with the Brew and let us know; we’ll pop you a free 2 oz bottle in the mail! In the meantime here are a few updates pictures! Thank you to everyone!!




2016-06-07 13.46.16

Let’s talk about Ian and Deadstock Coffee

The best part of my job is the people I meet. Really. I love going out and talking about Fire Brew whether I’m directly talking to customers at the Farmers Market or shop owners thinking about carrying the product. Some people have lots of questions before they commit and some get an immediate sense and decide to take a chance on the product right on the spot. Some shops are very manicured and super curated and some are more raw and reflect the local color in which they inhabit. And I love them all for these reasons.

Ian and his shop Deadstock lives in the latter category.

I first met Ian when I went to visit my husband at his office in the Goldsmith building in Chinatown. One day there was nothing in the building lobby and then all a sudden there was a rag-tag set up of a couple of chairs and tables, a counter and an espresso machine…and Ian serving up coffee and good conversation. It was different. He was different. It was almost like hitting up your good friend for a cup of coffee, half expecting it to be for free but then realizing it wasn’t.

After a few trial months, Ian decided to bust a move and actually open a full-fledged store next to the building he started in. And the store has the exact same vibe as the lobby set up! When you walk in, you’re not quite sure what’s going on and almost feel inclined to hop behind the counter yourself and help yourself to a cup of coffee. But then somehow, someone (most of the time Ian) appears to serve it up.

The best part of Deadstock besides the coffee? They clean sneakers too! Seriously! Drop off your favorite, scuffed up pair and for a fee he’ll make them look brand new.

Now that’s service!

This is  Ian
This is Ian

This is Ian behind the counter
This is Ian behind the counter

It can’t be holiday time already?!

Things have been busy in Fire Brew land and we’ve been little elves, making, bottling, labeling the brew round the clock!  Needless to say, despite the long hours its been a blast and we’re learning so much.

Here’s a few pictures of where we’ve been and who were spending time with!
Herbal Apotothecary
Herbal Apotothecary
Deadstock Coffee
Deadstock Coffee
Amanda at Fettle/Mississippi
Amanda at Fettle/Mississippi
James at Proper Eats
James at Proper Eats

Fire Brew is on!

Holy moly, it’s been so long I’m not even sure where to start!  After a long summer of being on the go our feet our are finally firmly planted on the ground here in Portland.  The Fall season is here and Fire Brew is cranking up with a vengeance before the flu season hits.  We are brewing out little hearts out at the command center and if you need a bottle, just give a shout out to us.  If you want to pick some up yourself, head over to the top of the hill for the OHSU Farmers for another couple of weeks or over to either Papa G’s on Division, Warehouse Cafe and Market on Milwaukee or Ethereal Wellness Boutique on NE 28th.

Send us pictures of you drinking ‘the brew’ and we’ll feature you on Facebook and enter you in our drawing for free 12.7 bottle of Fire Brew!

Ethereal Wellness Boutique

Warehouse Cafe and Market

Picture 4