The perfect breakfast sandwich

Egg Sandwich
Egg Sandwich

I wake up craving this sandwich.  Throughout the day I think about it.  I go to sleep and dream of having it the next morning.  In other words, this breakfast sandwich is the “bomb.”  It is the perfect combination of good healthy fats, complex carbs and protein to set you up for a day of strength and vitality.

First, we start with piece of Pirate Bread (sourdough rye) but you can pick your own healthy bread you love.  Just make sure that it isn’t loaded with preservatives.  I toast it TWICE for the perfect amount of crisp.  I want to see a layer of toasty color on it.   Be careful not to toast it too much where it burns!

Pirate Bread
Sourdough Rye

I should mention that while the toast is in the toaster, I have a pan with about 2-3 inches of water in it set to a boil.  I am planning to poach an egg pretty shortly.  I spend a fortune of pasture-raised eggs but I think they taste so much better than grain-fed ones.  Buy whatever you can.

After the toast comes out, I let it cool for a minute or so.  The water for the egg is probably boiling at this point.  So I throw about a capful of Bragg’s Cider Vinegar in it (but you can use white vinegar too) and then crack the egg into the water.  Lower the flame a bit and cover the water.

You can schmear the bread with some thick, gooey, real butter (which I’ve done many times) but my newest thing is to swipe the piece with some organic miso for a sweet, umami flavor.  It takes a bit to get used to but now I’m hooked (not to mention miso is a powerhouse food!).

After that, I take a ripe avocado, cut a piece that feels about right and then smash it all around the toast.  Don’t be stingy here.  Avocado is a heart healthy fat and is a lynchpin to the sandwich!

The egg is just about done by now.  I figure it’s been about 2 minutes.  I carefully dump the hot pan of water into the sink and then when it’s nearly all out, I put a slotted spoon near the edge of the pot so the poached egg sort of rolls into it.  Most of time it doesn’t break.  If it seems stuck to the bottom of the pot, gently try to nudge it out without breaking the yolk (if it does, oh well!).  Place the egg on top of the avocado mash.

Sprinkle with sea salt and fresh pepper.  If you want, throw some toasted seeds on there, some hot sauce…whatever you like.  If you squirt ketchup on it, just don’t tell me 😉

At this point, when the sandwich is set up, I take a knife and cut the bread in half, straight though the yolk where it flows all over the plate..

I can just about taste it!  Can you?  Well, by about now all bets are off.  I usually gobble it down in about 2 minutes, much as I try to slow it down. At this point, I put my plate in the sink slightly depressed breakfast is over, or I extend it by making another poached egg or something!

Enjoy the perfect breakfast sandwich.

Egg sandwich
Egg sandwich

Meadowlark Supper Club

IMG_0697Last night we had a fun experience at a new supper club in town.  Our friends Geoffrey and Jill invited us to join them at this once held monthly dinner they heard about.  None us really knew what to expect but at $35 for a home cooked four-course dinner and only an additional $10 for wine pairing, we were all in.

The day before the dinner, we got an email to show up at this house in SE and wear our best party socks because it’s a shoe-free house.   I think we all thought we were going to a pop-up dinner at a restaurant but it was at someone’s home.

When we got to the house, we were happy to join the festive atmosphere where everyone was sipping on a “Flannel Shirt,” apparently a speciality from Clyde Common.  After a bit schmoozing, we sat down with some other people at a table and feasted on a rustic apple salad (recipe from Ava Gene’s), a winter squash soup (drizzled with rose petal harissa!) adapted from Toro Bravo’s menu, a pork shoulder confit (sorry, mom) from Le Pigeon and ended with a crazy dessert comprised of a bacon cornbread madeleine (sorry again, mom), maple ice cream, fresh shaved parmesan and a date caramel.  WOW!  Vegetarian options are available.This was definitely not the usual out-and-about evening and if you’re someone that likes to try new things, I would recommend it.   Come hungry and ready to chat with strangers.

IMG_0686     Meadowlark Supper