Fire Brew Out and About All Weekend!

Join Us, Won’t You?

Along with the sprouts, bulbs, and buds of Spring, our event schedule at Fire Brew is blooming this weekend!

As you may have read in a post from earlier this month, we will be at Ag Fest this Saturday and Sunday, April 29th and 30th. It is going to be a wildly fun time, focused on helping families understand where their food comes from and how Oregon benefits from such a rich agricultural bounty! For more info and tickets check out their website!


Farmers market
Who doesn’t love a Farmers Market?!

Also on Saturday, April 29th, you can catch us at both the Hollywood Farmers Market and Bumble Spring Emporium and Plant Sale. The Market is always a blast, absolutely spoiling us all with the freshest produce direct from the farmers! Bumble Spring Emporium, presented by Go Forth Culture, brings out the latest and greatest talent on the garden, wellness, creative, and food scenes of Portland – come experience something new!


On Sunday, April 30th, join us at the PDX Flea + Food! Hosted on the corner of SE 6th and Salmon, this happening flea market always dazzles on the last Sunday of the month. Come celebrate Spring, shop for rare and creative goods, and obviously have a Fire Brew shot with us!

flea market
PDX Flea

We’ll be busy this weekend serving up the Brew for any and all, and we hope to see your smiling face!

Love always,

The Fire Brew Crew

Fermented Drinks 101 at the Herb Pharmacy

Last night we were at it again and had a blast making all sorts of delicious fermented drinks.  We played with SCOBYs, kefir grains, ginger bugs and champagne yeast.  Some of the drinks we made were homemade root beer (YUM!), strawberry ‘soda’, and Pina Colada kombucha.  Making these drinks at home make a lot of sense for so many reasons!  For one,  it’s easy peasy.  Also, the cost savings is enormous!  Another reason is that you can control what goes in the recipe/tailor it to your own tastebuds rather than rely on the commercial brands to do that for you.  Oh, and the best reason??  These drinks are actually GOOD FOR YOU!   🙂

Here are some pictures form last night!

Fermented DrinksIMG_2997

Fire Cider Class!

On Tuesday night we had a group of us that made Fire Cider, at the Herb Shoppe on Mississippi Ave, amongst other Apple Cider Vinegar based tonics.  We sliced.  We diced.  We chopped.  We grated.   We basically bathed in Apple Cider Vinegar for 2 hours.  The benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar are many — from lowering cholesterol to strengthening our immune systems to relieving joint pain stiffness.  Add in some amazing, healing whole foods with it and you take all the benefits to a whole new level.  Here are some pictures from the class below.

Our next class is Tuesday, May 19th from 7-9.  We’ll be making all sorts of gut healing fermented drinks.


IMG_2651 IMG_2658 IMG_2656 IMG_2661


Awesome Hands-on Gut Cleansing Class Last Night!


Last night we had such a great class!  We made foods that are great for our gut health and keeps it all in balance so we don’t experience all the maladies that come when our systems are in a state of disharmony — like weight gain, headaches, SIBO, Leaky Gut, IBS, depression, etc.  We started with a Fermented Red Pepper Sauce, then moved on to a Seaweed Kraut and ended with making Ginger Bugs for a Ginger Soda.  Recipes are HERE.  And a picture is below of the product, along with other great moments from the class!

Seaweed Kraut. Ginger Bug and Red Pepper Sauce

IMG_1912IMG_1909Come to our next class – Sunday, March 15th at 3 pm.   We’ll be making Natural Hangover Fixer Elixirs — just in time for St. Paddy’s Day!   You can sign up here

Healthy Breakfasts that are Easy, Healthy and Sustaining

Asian Breakfast Broth

Start Your Day Off Right!

Healthy Breakfasts that are Easy, Healthy and Sustaining!

When:  Sunday Jan. 25th from 11 a.m.-1 p.m.

Where: Mississippi Herb Shoppe in N. Portland

Breakfast is the meal that sets the tone for your entire day. Join Teri Sprouse and I, both Certified Holistic Nutritionists, for a fun, informative and interactive class that will help you diversify your breakfast repertoire. Learn how to start your day off with a powerhouse of nutrients while keeping you energized all day long!

Together we will make:

  • An intoxicating Asian Breakfast Broth.  This recipe was prompted by Anthony Bourdain. Every time he is in a Southeast Asian country like Thailand, Laos, Vietnam or Cambodia he’s always eating some form of spicy soup for breakfast – and raving about it.
  • A Green Tea Antioxidant Smoothie that will kick you into high gear with loads of nourishing veggies and fruits.  You can drink this before or after your workout and it will set your morning off right!
  • A Chickpea, Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Mini Frittata filled with lots of warming spices to get your fire moving soon after you wake up!  These freeze wonderfully but they may be gone by the time you get to this step!
  • A Gluten Free Multigrain Warm Porridge with dried blueberries and toasted nuts.  Top with maple syrup and fresh nut milk.

In the class, we will learn how to soak and sprout beans, make nut milk from scratch and eat spicy soup for breakfast and enjoy it!  There will, of course, be goodies to take home!

Cost for the class is $40.   Register at

Immunity Busters – Check!

Picture 1

Today was a great day.  We held our first Hands On class at The Mississippi Herb Shoppe where we made powerhouse immunity busters like Potassium Broth, Fire Cider and an Immunity Tea Blend.

The gals that joined us were super fun and it was definitely an “all hands on deck” effort to chop, peel, and mince loads of vegetables.  And not ones for the faint at heart — I’m talkin’ garlic, fresh turmeric, horseradish, onions and on and on and on.  I’m still trying to air out!

Fire Cider Prep
Fire Cider Prep

For a full run down of the recipes, email me at

Join us for our next class.  It’s on Nov 16th at 3 pm.  We’ll be making healthy holiday treats to give out to neighbors, office mates, teachers, etc.   More info soon!

Thanks.  Val