Who said that Holidays can’t be healthy?

Who said that Holidays can’t be healthy?

The holiday season is here and so are all the delicious dinners and desserts that come with it. For many, this is the most intimidating season of the year because we all want to indulge in all the goodies being served but how do we do so while staying healthy? We’ve gathered a few tips that can help you stay grounded in healthy choices while partaking in the holiday fun. 


1. Avoid over-drinking your calories. 

The holiday drinks we love have arrived. Whether it’s a pumpkin spice latte, sweet cup of eggnog, or a mint chip hot chocolate, these holiday drinks - with or without alcohol -  are festive and special for this time of year. However, something we fail to realize is that these holiday drinks can contain the same amount of calories as a full course meal! It’s tempting to have an extra cup of eggnog or maybe even two, but is it worth the additional calories?


Instead of drinking that second cup, let’s swap it out for a healthier alternative. A Blueberry Cider or Hot Pear Cider made with our tasty Moon Brew - Apple Cider Vinegar Tonics, ginger, and cinnamon will give you the holiday feeling you’ve been craving BUT with much better health benefits. 


2. Swap out your sides for healthier alternatives.

Holiday feasts mean a wide selection of sides to choose from, a lot of which may taste great, however, provide very little health benefits. Why can’t we have both? Well, now we can! Take advantage of the in-season Brussel sprouts and try this delicious recipe made with our Garden - Fire Brew. High in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this Brussel sprout recipe will not only add nutrients to your diet but they’ll help keep that holiday bloating away. Looking for something more on the sweet side?

Try our healthy twist of Rosemary Biscuits, made with our immunity-boosting Fire Brew, to keep you feeling good during the holidays. 


3. Stay active. 

This is an important one! It’s not uncommon to feel sluggish and tired during this time of year. The chilly winters make a nice long nap sound more enticing than a leisure walk around the neighborhood. However, that walk can make a huge difference in how you continue to take on the holiday season. A simple brisk walk can help improve your digestion system, burn the extra calories you’ve consumed, and can even improve your mood.Take a sip of Energy - Fire Brew for an energy boost to get you out on that walk and keep you active and enjoying the holidays.

We hope you enjoy the holidays this year and are wishing you all peace and happiness!

Xo - The Brew Crew