Fire Brew is on!

Holy moly, it’s been so long I’m not even sure where to start!  After a long summer of being on the go our feet our are finally firmly planted on the ground here in Portland.  The Fall season is here and Fire Brew is cranking up with a vengeance before the flu season hits.  We are brewing out little hearts out at the command center and if you need a bottle, just give a shout out to us.  If you want to pick some up yourself, head over to the top of the hill for the OHSU Farmers for another couple of weeks or over to either Papa G’s on Division, Warehouse Cafe and Market on Milwaukee or Ethereal Wellness Boutique on NE 28th.

Send us pictures of you drinking ‘the brew’ and we’ll feature you on Facebook and enter you in our drawing for free 12.7 bottle of Fire Brew!

Ethereal Wellness Boutique

Warehouse Cafe and Market

Picture 4