Fermented Drinks 101 at the Herb Pharmacy

Last night we were at it again and had a blast making all sorts of delicious fermented drinks.  We played with SCOBYs, kefir grains, ginger bugs and champagne yeast.  Some of the drinks we made were homemade root beer (YUM!), strawberry ‘soda’, and Pina Colada kombucha.  Making these drinks at home make a lot of sense for so many reasons!  For one,  it’s easy peasy.  Also, the cost savings is enormous!  Another reason is that you can control what goes in the recipe/tailor it to your own tastebuds rather than rely on the commercial brands to do that for you.  Oh, and the best reason??  These drinks are actually GOOD FOR YOU!   🙂

Here are some pictures form last night!

Fermented DrinksIMG_2997